Monday, March 2, 2015

ArtSpectations Spring 2015 Best of Show Award Winners

CPSA's ArtSpectations Spring 2015 award winners were announced on February 20, 2015. Out of 259 entries in two categories of signature and non-signature, 12 award winners were selected by judge, Betsy Holster, CPSA (CA).

A Best of Show award was chosen, along with five Honorable Mentions, in each of the two categories. We will post the Honorable Mentions in the upcoming posts.

Betsy is currently a Professor at California State University Fullerton where she teaches the Artists Books Class, paper making and drawing. Her comments about judging the AS competition are: 

"The judging process for this exhibition allowed me an opportunity to enjoy a tremendous 
range of works of art addressing ideas and using approaches across a wide spectrum. I 
am drawn to pieces that transcend the usual, either in their technical approach, in the mood
they cast, or the internal conversations and questions they cause. With this in mind,
technical excellence is imperative - the skills of the artist should enhance, not detract from, the ideas. Work that has content as its focus, using technique to communicate the content, 
makes for artwork that we never tire of viewing. The pieces I have selected have all 
achieved this goal."

About Tracy Frein's (IL) award winning piece "Parkinsons", Betsy commented:

"This piece is fascinating on so many levels - compositionally intriguing. And the many
questions it poses!!"

Tracy Frein (IL)
ArtSpectations Spring 2015
Best of Show

About "Speak No Evil" by Tanja Gant, CPSA, CPX (TX), Betsy commented:

"Using a simple, efficient and compact composition, this piece gives just enough information to draw us in."

"Speak No Evil"
Tanja Gant, CPSA, CPX (TX)
ArtSpectations Spring 2015
 Best of Show
Signature Category

Bravo to all who entered and congratulations to all the award winners.

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