Saturday, November 1, 2014

Deadline For Explore This! 11 is Fast Appraoching

CPSA's 11th Explore This! exhibition deadline is coming up quickly. The final date for submissions is November 15th, so we've got just a couple short weeks left to go.

Explore This! was created to encourage artists to explore the wide range of possibilities with the colored pencil along with other media. The resulting mixed media artworks over the years have been beautiful and inspiring. If your artwork is not pure colored pencil and doesn't fit into the International exhibition, this is the juried show for you!

Our judge for ET!11 is Courtney A. McNeil, a curator of fine arts and exhibitions for Telfair Museums in Savannah, GA. She will be judging the award winners, as well as determining the entries that are to be accepted in the online exhibition.

Speaking of awards, CPSA is now giving a Best of Show and EXPY award of $2000 cash thanks to Prismacolor! We are also happy to award lesser cash and product prizes to the other award winners. In addition to the cash and product awards, all CPSA members accepted into Explore This! 11 will be on their way to earning their CPX signature status! All accepted entries will be featured on the CPSA website as well as in the To The Point Magazine, and the top three winners will be invited to display their artwork at the 23rd Annual International Exhibition and Convention in Atlanta, GA!

For a direct link to the prospectus and full details, please visit us at CPSA.

For more information about the organization, or to become a member, please visit us at