Monday, September 8, 2014

Dear artists,

CPSA is very distraught about the problems you have had with the cartage company handling the artwork for the CPSA International Exhibition this year (2014). It is not uncommon to have one or two works damaged during shipment, but who could anticipate having someone place stickers right on the Plexiglas of each work?

Since most galleries cannot receive and store over 100 pieces of artwork, CPSA locates a cartage company to pack and unpack the artwork shipped to the show. Every year we are in a different city and usually have only one or two companies to choose from. We have to trust that the handlers will act professionally, and we have no way to oversee the process or control how well the company provides that service.

Unfortunately, not all cartage companies understand the proper methods for handling fine art. To help avoid problems of this nature in the future, CPSA is compiling a list of guidelines to give these companies.

We wish to emphasize that Dispatch Depot has cooperated in handling complaints from affected artists. They meant well when they applied the labels to the artwork. We understand the annoyance this has caused, but fortunately, with careful effort, the labels can be removed without damage to the artwork or glazing.

Please understand that while CPSA makes the initial arrangements with a cartage company to handle the artwork, we have no further involvement in shipping matters. It is the responsibility of each artist to deal directly with the cartage or shipping company should damage occur.

Again, we offer our sincerest apologies,

Kay Schmidt, CPSA

Colored Pencil Society of America - Acting President