Saturday, June 14, 2014

CPSA Spring ArtSpectations Winners Announced

The Colored Pencil Society of America (CPSA) would like to congratulate the winners of our spring ArtSpectations online exhibition. We have been looking forward to judge Arlene Steinberg, CPSA's decisions, and while each piece submitted was wonderful, only a handful can be winners. 
Arlene has selected The Yellow Room by Jeff George,CPSA as the winner of the Signature Best of Show. To quote Arlene, "This is a wonderful use of perspective and color. We are immediately drawn to the yellow wall through the doorway. What is back there? What stories does this building have to tell us? The only other burst of color is the turquoise that frames the yellow wall, which helps to create depth."
Arlene has selected Who Rescued Whom? by Margaret Hopkins as the winner of the Non-Signature Best of Show. To quote Arlene, "It is clear that the dog is the master of his owner in this wonderful painting. He stares, daring us to come closer. Our eye first settles on the dog and then moves to the elderly man, content to let his dog decide whether to let the viewer closer. Margaret’s use of light, values and edges is perfection in this drawing."
Congratulations to our winners! Both pieces are extremely deserving of the awards given. Each Best in Show receives a $250 cash award and will be featured here and on the CPSA website when the exhibition ends.
In addition to the two Best of Show awards, Arlene selected five deserving honorable mentions in each category.
They include the following signature members: 
Tanja Gant
Ranjini Venkatachari
Kate Lagaly
Carol E. Maltby
Sharon Frank Mazgaj
And non-signature members: 
Sherry Smith
Julie Elizabeth Podstolski
Alan Woollett
Merri Hanson
Gina Rugito Anderson
Arlene was kind to share her thoughts of taking on such a difficult task in judging such amazing artwork: "The more I saw the more nervous I became. The artistry, creativity and designs literally floored me. I realized that the job of judging was going to be much more difficult than I first thought." 
We would like to take a moment to thank Arlene in taking the time to critique each submission. It is no easy feat to judge such outstanding artwork, and she did an undeniably incredible job! Thank you, Arlene!
We would also like to thank all who entered this ArtSpectations exhibit and made it such a resounding success. It takes courage to put yourself and your art out there to be critiqued and juried. We greatly look forward to seeing what will be in store for us next time.
Congratulations once again to Jeff George, CPSA and Margaret Hopkins, and to all the honorable mentions!
Stay tuned for more about our winners and our honorable mentions!
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