Monday, November 18, 2013

Donna Caputo, ArtSpectations Best of Show Winner (signature)

CPSA would like to feature our signature Best of Show winner for the Fall ArtSpectations, Donna Caputo, CPSA! Her drawing "Natasha" is as sweet as it is impeccable. 
Natasha - Donna Caputo, CPSA
10x13 inches, Colored Pencil on Stonehenge Paper

Jeff George, the judge for the Fall ArtSpectations, had this to say about "Natasha":

"The exquisite "Natasha" exudes a timeless quality. The warm glowing face pops with contrast against the soft dark clothing, presenting a pure and affecting work of art."

We had the pleasure to speak with Donna, to get to know more about her and her art. 

How did you come to find a love of colored pencils?
I was teaching an informal art class in portrait painting in oils when one of my high-school students brought in a work assignment from her school art class.  All of us were taken by this new medium.  I hadn’t used colored pencil except to color in maps in grade school.  I immediately encouraged my class to use their training in portraiture and venture into this new medium.  Soon I joined CPSA and the newly formed Chicago chapter 103, taking as many workshops as time and money would allow.

Are you a self-taught or a classically trained artist? What do you love most about being an artist? A classically trained artist in the Chicagoland area taught me all I know.  Although the media I used at that time was charcoal and oil, the training I received helped me make the transition into colored pencil.  I love to experiment with colored pencil and I appreciate the portability of it. Most of my work today has a painterly look.  “Natasha” was done on Windberg pastel paper with lots of layers and solvent.  Using a brush gave me a sense of oil painting.

How do you see yourself progressing – as both an artist and as a person?
Where do you see yourself in the future? The past several years have been spent introducing and mentoring new pencil painters.  In the Villages, where I live, I was the only pencil artist 15 years ago, but over the years with my mentoring, several very qualified teachers have arisen and took the reins to bring the number up to over 200 pencil painter artists here in our community.

What words of wisdom would you share with someone who is new to colored pencil art?
Learn the basics first.  There is no substitute for learning value, line and color.  The rest will fall into place.  It may seem slow at first, but believe me, you will find ways to speed up the process and to begin to experiment, bringing you fulfillment in your artistic endeavors.

 It's really great to get to know more about our members, thank you Donna, for sharing with us and giving us all a little insight into your world!  Congratulations once again on your win, and your award of $250!  It is very much deserved!
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