Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CPSA Convention Wrap-Up: A Few Moments With the Exceptional Merit Award Winners

CPSA was very fortunate to have had the ability to give three awards for Exceptional Merit, thanks to our two southern California CPSA district chapters (Los Angeles and San Diego), DixonTiconderoga, and Prismacolor.

The Southern California District Chapters Award went to Joseph Crone, of Indiana for his work, Salut. Joseph’s work is depicted on drafting film and has a remarkably dramatic effect. Joseph says of the award, "Winning the (Southern California District Chapters) Award for Exceptional Merit is humbling to say the least and a reminder of how gratifying it is to be among the passionate talents that make up the CPSA. I look forward to the years to come as a member along with each artistic relationship built. Thank you!" Joseph’s artwork can be seen on his website at: http://www.josephcroneart.com.

Joseph Crone (IN)

The Dixon Ticonderoga award went to Denise Howard of California for her work, Tree of Character, a gorgeous rendition of a tree, partially clothed in moss. When asked about her work and the award, Denise said, “Part of my quest as an artist is to encourage viewers to notice the beauty in nature's light, patterns and details as I've captured them, so they'll remember and take time to notice them in real life later. So, the best part of winning the Dixon Ticonderoga Award for Exceptional Merit for my Tree of Character is knowing that more people will take note of it and do exactly this. They'll go back to some wonderful, gnarled tree they've passed a hundred times, and really look at it next time. Nature is full of surprises, we only have to look!” Denise’s artwork can be seen on her website at: http://www.denisejhowardart.com.

Tree of Character
Denise Howard (CA)

The Prismacolor award was given to Phillip Zubiate, III, also from California, for Malibu Succulents. Phillip was particularly honored to have been awarded the Prismacolor award. He told us, “I want to thank Prismacolor for being a gold donor and sponsoring the Prismacolor Award for Exceptional Merit. This was my first show with CPSA and receiving this award, especially from Prismacolor, made my year.” He described the hours of work put into the creation of Malibu Succulents as follows: “I was asked to write a step-by-step piece on my drawing of Malibu Succulents. I had taken pictures to show my progression and thought they would help me remember my steps. They did, but [it was not until after I’d written the steps that] I realized how much work I put into each leaf.” You will soon be able to see Phillip’s work on his forthcoming website, to be launched soon at: www.philzubiate.com.

Malibu Succulents
Phillip Zubiate, III (CA)

All the artwork from the 21st annual international exhibition is on display at the City of Brea Art Gallery through September 13th. You can see images of the award winners at: http://www.cpsa.org/coloredpencilartists/21/aw2013.html.

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