Thursday, August 8, 2013

Convention Wrap-up, Part II

This year’s silent auction, “Small Works of Great Magnitude,” was perhaps the most anticipated in recent memory. We were honored to receive donations from 39 esteemed colored pencil artists. Each donated artwork was an original, not a print or reproduction. The auction items were set up on Monday and were displayed until the membership gala on Thursday, when the bidding was fierce. After the dust (and pencil shavings) cleared, CPSA had raised over $5,000 – a record high in silent auction history. Funds raised each year help defray convention costs.
Sprited Bidding at the Membership Gala

The highlight of the evening was the purchase and surprise gift of CJ Worlein’s artwork titled, Because of Her to Vera Curnow, our founder. CJ’s beautiful rendition of the “pillars” of our CPSA community and history were framed around Vera in a stunning portrait. CPSA members contributed funds to purchase the piece for $755. The second highest item sold was Eileen Sorg’s piece titled, The Surrogate, which fetched $460, followed by Ester Roi’s Metamorphosis, which sold for $300.
CJ Worlein's Because of Her
Cindy Haase Presenting Vera with the Gift from Members
We truly appreciate the time and energy our donating artists put into each of their pieces. Without their commitment, this auction would not be able to exist and advance the needs of our society.

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