Thursday, July 18, 2013

Small Works of Great Magnitude Preview, Day 4

Our annual silent auction, “Small Works of Great Magnitude” will be held during convention week in Brea, California. We have 40 original works of art that have been donated this year and are thrilled with the beautiful selection.  It is a great opportunity to own artworks created by accomplished CPSA artists. Bids will be accepted throughout the week of July 29, culminating at the membership meeting in the evening of Thursday, August 1st. The artworks have been donated by each artist to support CPSA activities. There is a minimum bid on each piece, based on the size of the artwork. Purchase is by cash, check or credit card and must be paid the evening of August 1st. The bidder (or representative) must be present to win.

We will be featuring eight artists each day this week.  Today, we feature the following:

Barbara Rogers, CPSA
Study for China Cove
7.5 X 7.5 inches
Minimum Bid $50

Ester Roi, CPSA, CPX
8.5 X 14 inches
Minimum Bid $90

Donna M. Schwarz
The Glow of Farm Fresh Eggs
6 X 9 inches
Minimum Bid $50

Allan Servoss, CPSA
One Night in June
5 X 7 inches
Minimum Bid $50

Bill Shoemaker, CPSA
Dress Rehearsal
10 X 5.75 inches
Minimum Bid $50

Sherry Smith
Rainbow Rose
10 X 10 inches
Minimum Bid $90

John P. Smolko, CPSA, CPX
Hand Study
14 X 11 inches
Minimum Bid $90

Dianna Soisson, CPSA
First and Not Last
9 X12 inches
Minimum Bid $90

To view the entire collection, please see:

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