Sunday, July 17, 2011

Convention Recap - What's Next?

The convention in Dallas/Richardson, Texas has just concluded.  CPSA sends a round of applause and thanks to host District Chapter 215 for their part in making this year’s event such a success.

The Thursday evening membership meeting included the raffle drawing for 8 wonderful Top of the Line products donated by Patrons and Sponsors.  Again there was the excitement of bidding on the Silent Auction artworks donated by CPSA members.  Thank you to all of the donors and winners for supporting this fund-raising event.   

We are also excited to announce that upcoming conventions will be held in the following cities:  Covington KY (Greater Cincinnati area) in 2012 and Brea CA again in 2013.  Plan ahead—we want to have as many of you attend as possible.

The convention closed with the Awards Banquet on Friday and a Reception at the Charles W. Eisemann Center on Saturday.  You can view the list of award winners and images at the CPSA website. Awards Link  This year’s Best of Show and CIPPY winner is CJ Worlein of Oregon with her beautiful and sensitive artwork titled “The Sisters.”

If you are in the Dallas area, the show continues until August 1st. 

Upcoming things to add to your calendar: 
  • Membership for 2012 will open September 1st.
  • Prospectus for Explore This! 8 – due September 1st
  • New look for the CPSA website – on or before September 1st
Like the energizer bunny we keep on moving!