Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Convention Recap - Top Award to Shinji Harada of Japan

TOP WINNER of 18th Annual is CPSA Signature Member Shinji Harada of Japan, who was unable to accept his award in person.  This was Shinji’s fourth time and third award in our International Exhibition. Shinji also has the honor of being our first international top award winner. The title of his winning artwork is "Grapes in a Basket".  More about this artist coming soon.

There are 19 other award winners.  The artists' names, titles of the artwork and images can be found at Winners 2010.

The convention was held at the Santa Clara Biltmore Hotel with events happening every day.  Following two days of meetings by the Board and the District Chapter delegates, there were two days of workshops by CPSA members, Ester Roi and Allan Servoss.  As usual, the popular Membership Meeting on Thursday evening wowed the audience by showing all entries to this year's show and giving out a multitude of door prizes.  In fact, all members who put a ticket in at the meeting received a door prize!    The most exciting part of the Membership Meeting evening is learning who has the winning bids for the Silent Auction pieces.  This year after a feverish final round of bidding, the top bid was for the work by Elizabeth Patterson, CPSA (CA).  You can see the entire group of donations at 2010 Silent Auction.

The 20th Anniversary fundraising raffle for which we sold tickets brought in just under $2000.  We are very grateful to those of you who bought tickets and the multiple winners this year are very pleased as well.

It was a great time to be together.  If you haven't attended a convention, please try to fit it into your plans for next year.  More information on that event coming soon.

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