Friday, February 19, 2010

Explore This! 6 - Recognizing the Awards Donors

CPSA thanks all of our Award Donors for Explore This! 6

CPSA is very grateful to the corporations and District Chapters who donated to the awards for ET 6. Thanks to their generosity, we were able to award prizes for this show worth a total of $8435 – $1715 more than in 2009.


Platinum Donors $2000

Sanford Prismacolor (Patron) – Best of Show and EXPY award, for the second year -

Gold Donors - $1000 (and up) Awards for Exceptional Merit

CPSA – $1500
CPSA District Chapters – $1225 from the following chapters:
DC 103 Chicago, IL; DC 104 Detroit, MI; DC 107 Atlanta, GA; DC 109 Metro Washington DC; DC 113 Gainesville, FL; DC 115 Wilkes Barre, PA; DC 119 Greater Cincinnati, OH; DC 201 Portland, OR; DC 202 San Diego, CA; DC 210 San Francisco, CA; DC 214 Los Angeles, CA

Family and Friends of Sharon Tietjen (with the efforts of District Chapter 207 Seattle) – $1000

Bronze Donors - $300 (and up) Award for Excellence

Derwent Fine Art Pencils
(Patron) – $350


Silver Donors - $500 or more – Awa
rds for Outstanding Recognition

Felissimo – $660 value, Subscription for a set of 500 colored pencils. All subscribers receive 25 colors a month for 20 months, including such colors as Pumpkin Pudding, Drizzly Afternoon, Lakeside Lodge, Chicanery, Arsenio, Frog Pond, Red Bonnet and Toybox. See them all and order at

Legion Paper (Patron) – $500 value, Stonehenge paper in winner’s choice of color,

Bronze Donors
all $300 value Awards for Excellence

Canson Inc. (Patron) – Winner’s choice of fine papers from Canson and Arches,

Chartpak, Inc. (Patron) – Pencils, pastels, watercolors and brushes by Koh-i-noor, Schminke and Grumbacher,

Staedtler, Inc. (Patron) – Assortment of Staedtler pencils, pens and drawing accessories,

Jack Richeson & Co – 72 piece Richeson Handmade Pastels set in a wood box and assortment of Unison Pastel surface,