Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Thought Provoking Published Article

"Working from Reference Materials" by Vera Curnow, CPSA
The Artist's Magazine, March 2009, p. 23

Since the use of reference materials, plagiarism, fair use, and other copyright issues are prominent in the news, this article is very timely. As you prepare your artwork for the upcoming 17th Annual, this might provide answers to some of life’s (or art’s) perplexing questions.

Show Entry Using CaFÉ (

If you are concerned about the intricacies of entering the CPSA 17th Annual using the new digital system, there is help available both at the CPSA website and the website. And if you don’t find answers there, feel free to contact Paula Parks, our exhibition director at

Some suggestions and advice
1. Don’t wait until the last day to enter. Should you have problems, we can help better if it’s not a last minute effort.
2. Read the instructions and technical help at the website. If you have a professional photographer, print out and take these guidelines to that person. If you don’t understand the terminology of “resolution” and “pixels,” the professional should be able to help.
3. We have two documents on our website about entering our shows using this system. They are available at "Step by Step Entry Using the CaFE system" (pdf 2.2 mb) and "Preparing Your Digital Image Using Photoshop (pdf 395 kb)"
4. Please note that there are two parts to entering our show.
**First, you establish your own account and upload your images and information to the CaFÉ website.
TIP: To make sure your image uploaded correctly, click "enlarge" which displays a larger version (500 H x 500 W pixels) of your image. This is **key** to knowing your image is OK because it is exactly what the juror will see when making his selections.
**Second, you must actually select the CPSA exhibition on the call for entries listing and submit your entry there. Your images are not automatically entered for you.
5. When your entry is properly received and recorded, you will see "Image successfully added."

We are looking forward to seeing your entries for this exhibition and we will also look forward to seeing YOU in Atlanta, Georgia for the Convention and 17th Exhibition.

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